Welcome to the new website of the Barber Coin Collectors' Society (BCCS). The BCCS is a group of several hundred collectors and dealers dedicated to the study of the American coinage of Charles E. Barber, Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint from 1880 to 1917. Social interactions at a host of regional meeting venues throughout the United States are a key element of the "BCCS Experience." See why any collector of Barber coinage should be a member of the BCCS.

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Please note that due to the Coronavirus, a number of the coin shows in the schedule are likely to be cancelled. We will post updates as we get them. We recommend that you verify any event is going to be held before traveling to the show, until further notice.

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2020 BCCS Annual Meeting via Zoom - Thursday August 20

We will have the BCCS Annual Meeting on Zoom August 20th at 9:00 p.m. EDT here in the U.S. Zoom is a cloud-based video communications app to set up and participate in virtual video and audio conferencing for online meetings with screen-sharing. You do not need an account to attend a Zoom meeting, and the platform is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, meaning nearly anyone can access it. You may participate via Zoom at https://wustl.zoom.us/j/5086565637.

We'll be on the line a half hour early, in case anyone wishes to verify their connection. We'll follow our usual Annual Meeting format with opening remarks, introductions, club business, and award presentations. The meeting will close with an educational program.

Note for conference call participation: For those who wish to participate via conference call instead of Zoom, please use the above URL just prior to the call, and select "phone call." The dial-in number, conference code, and user ID will be supplied to you.

Last 5 patterns from Charles E. Barber Collection certified! Charles E. Barber amassed a renowned collection of patterns during his 48-year tenure at the U.S. Mint. The patterns included pieces designed by his father William, himself, as well as other engravers such as Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Shortly after his death, the bulk of the collection was sold by the family, but 5 patterns were set aside by Barber's daughter Edith for her first grandson. These 5 patterns were submitted to NGC on behalf of the family for certification and grading, with the provenance attributed to the Charles E. Barber Estate. These patterns will be on display at the BCCS booth at the March Whitman Baltimore Expo. For more details, see the NGC press release:.

Short interview with great-grandson of Charles Barber at Baltimore! At the big exhibit of Charles and William Barber in Baltimore, a short interview was condiucted with Trip Trepagnier, great-grandson of Charles Barber. Thanks to David Lisot of CoinTelevision.com for making this available. To see it, click onto this YouTube link...

BCCS publishes new images of Charles and William Barber! With the generosity of two of Charles Barber's great-grandsons, the BCCS is proud to publish seven never-before-seen images of Charles Barber, including six new photos and one remarkable painting. These are available immediately for download (click image left) and use for publication. One new painting and the only known photo of William Barber (Charles' father and 5th Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint) is also available here. Soon, the BCCS will also be publishing high-resolution images of astounding artifacts from both Charles and William Barber.

ANA Exhibit case photos available High-resolution photos of all 12 cases of the big exhibit from the Philadelpha ANA are available in one PDF file. You can zoom in and read everything that was in the exhibit. To see them, click the image to the left or go to read the document (7.5 mb).

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