Recordings of BCCS Meetings and Educational Programs

From time to time, the BCCS will be recording meetings and presentations. These recordings allow our members who were unable to attend to view the meeting and the educational programs. These recordings are in MP4 format, which should be viewable by any commercial media player. Simply click on the desired link(s) below to view the videos.

Some of the file sizes are VERY large, as noted below. Some members may get best results by downloading these recordings to your computer before viewing them. To do this, in your browser, right-click on the link and “Save target as…” (Internet Explorer) or “Save link as…” (Google Chrome), etc. Once downloaded, it should be easy to view these recordings.

2017 BCCS Annual Meeting, ANA, Denver CO, August 2

Here are the recordings of the recent 2017 BCCS Annual Meeting, held at the ANA's World's Fair of Money in Denver, August 2nd. The meeting is presented in three (VERY LARGE) video files. You will need to maximize the volume on your media/video player, and both the video and audio quality is fairly good. The files have been broken up into three files based on topic (versus strict order of agenda): Club business (officer reports, initiatives, etc.), Literary and Journal Editor's Awards, and the educational program, Working with Images.

Welcome and Club Business (mp4, 85 mb)

BCCS Listerary and Journal Editor's Awards (mp4, 21 mb)

Educational program: Working with Images (mp4, 46 mb)

FUN 2017 Regional Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale FL, January 6

Here are the recordings of the recent Regional Meeting at FUN 2017. The meeting is presented in two (VERY LARGE) video files. You will need to maximize the volume on your media/video player.

Welcome and Club Updates (mp4, 90 mb)

Barber Error Coins (mp4, 70 mb)

2016 BCCS Annual Meeting, ANA, Anaheim CA, August 10

The 2016 BCCS Annual Meeting was held August 10th at the ANA's World's Fair of Money in Anaheim. The 6 video files below each contain a recording of part of the meeting's agenda. The meeting was divided up into these 6 files to allow manageable file sizes (although they are still large). Both video and audio are clear. Enjoy!

Welcome and Recap of the past year (mp4, 51.4 mb)

Website, Secretary-Treasurers's Report, VP Report (mp4, 42.7 mb)

David Lawrence Literary Award (mp4, 31.0 mb)

Barber Halves Varieties Survey, BCCS and Newman Portal (mp4, 47.4 mb)

New initiatives, upcoming events (mp4, 52.4 mb)

Program: Buying Barbers as Bullion (mp4, 48.9 mb)

FUN 2016 BCCS Regional Meeting, Tampa, FL, January 8

These recordings of our FUN 2016 meeting have clear audio and video, and it will be easy to see and hear the presentations. The meeting video has been broken into four different files...

Welcome and updates on Logo/Brand and new website - (mp4, 21 minutes, 71 mb)

Education session: Barber's Medals and the Tea Set - (mp4, 12 minutes, 50 mb)

Survey, Initiatives, Calendar, Regional, and Why Help the BCCS? - (mp4, 25 minutes, 92 mb)

Journal Updates, Show and Tell - (mp4, 13 minutes, 50 mb)

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