BCCS Barber Halves Varieties Survey
In Progress -- Deadline extended to April 30th

1911-S/S Barber Half

The BCCS is conducting a Varieties Survey for Barber Halves, to gain information as to the relative availability of different varieties.

You can participate in several different manners:

  • Answer the survey online, using either the online form or an Excel spreadsheet. Instructions included here.

  • BCCS members can also fill out and mail the paper survey response form that was included with their fall issue of the Journal

The online survey form has descriptions and some images of some of the varieties, as well as descriptions.

If you would like some additional assistance in identifying die doubling, and other terms, you may also want to reference the Winter 2011 issue of the Journal, especially the John Wexler article on Pages 17-22. You can download the PDF version of this issue of the Journal here: BCCS Journal, Volume 22, Issue 4, 2011 (3.1 mb, PDF). You will need a PDF viewer to read this file.

Deadline has been extended to April 30, 2016, so please plan accordingly. Thanks for your participation!

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