BCCS Barber Halves Varieties Survey Online Submission

The BCCS is conducting a Varieties Survey for Barber Halves, to gain information as to the relative availability of different varieties. The survey runs until April 30th, 2016 and consists of five different parts, each corresponding to a particular type of variety. There is also a place to enter unlisted varieties at the end of the survey form.

The form itself is below all of the instructions.

Simple instructions and hints

  • In the form below the instructions, please enter the number of coins of each variety that you have in each grade in the appropriate boxes (no need to enter zero).

  • Because of the time that this survey might take (to examine all of your coins), you may want to do it in stages by filling out one section at a time.

  • Another approach is to print the paper form (click here and save/print) and use it to examine your collection (which could take some time), and when finished, enter the data from your paper form into this web form for easy submission (or mail it in).

  • Still another approach is to fill out an Excel spreadsheet at your leisure and email it to us. Click here for the excel form. Save the file, fill it out at your leisure, and email it to us.

Reference information and examples

  • Reference information is provided when available, includng the variety notation for several different books, including The Complete Guide to Barber Halves, by David Lawrence (e.g., L101), The Cherry Pickers Guide to Rare Die Varieties, by Bill Fivas and J.T. Stanton (e.g., FS-25-1892-301), and the Authoritative Guide to Barber Halves, by Kevin Flynn (e.g., KF-DDO-001).

  • When available, a photo or sketch is provided for a number of varieties. Just click on the link (underlined or highlighted "Date" field in the listing. We will attempt to add additional photos or sketches during the survey period. Most images on this web form are courtesy of David Lawrence Rare Coins (davidlawrence.com) and DLRC Press, from the Lawrence Complete Guide referenced above, with our thanks.

If you have any problems with this form, please send us mail at bccs@barbercoins.org. If you are responding to the survey in stages (multiple submissions), please make a note of that in the "Comments" box at the bottom. Thank you for your participation!

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Part 1: Different hub varieties

Date Descriptions Pick-up point AG-G VG F VF XF AU MS

1896 Type I Obverse

Obverse Type I: No

Liberty's ear (see left)

1896-O Type I Obverse

cartilage in Liberty's ear


1896-S Type I Obverse

Type II: cartilage in center


1901 Type II Obverse

of Liberty's ear


1901-O Type II Obverse

Type III: fuller ear lobe


1901-S Type II Obverse

than other two hubs


Part 2: Doubled and Tripled Dies

Examples: DDO = doubled die obverse, DDR = doubled die reverse, TDR = tripled die reverse, etc.

Date Reference Pick-up point AG-G VG F VF XF AU MS
1892, DDO

IN GOD WE TRUST, and stars

1892, TDR L-102

All outer lettering, stars, ribbon ends

1893, TDR

All outer lettering, arrows

1902, DDO

Doubling on ribbons, stars left side

1907, DDR Beistle: "Recut legend"

All outer lettering

Part 3: Repunched Mint Marks (RPM)

Example: RPM-W = Repunched MM West, meaning the MM punched to the West [left] is the original [first] MM, and not the one in the final position. That is, the first attempted MM is to the left [west] of the final MM. Click HERE for a photo of a RPM-W, for example.

Date Reference Comnments AG-G VG F VF XF AU MS

S/S West upper serif

1899-S/S Breen 5074


S/S South


D/D South

1907-S/S L-101

S/S North


S/S South

1911-S FS-50-1911S-501

Part 4: Repunched and Misplaced Dates (RPD, MPD)
Note: Misplaced dates (MPD) typically have tops of date digits in the denticles below the date.

Date Reference Comments AG-G VG F VF XF AU MS
1892 RPD

RPD South

1893-O MPD

1897/97 RPD

RPD South

1898/98 RPD

RPD South

19/900 RPD

RPD South

1903/03 RPD

RPD South

1906-D MPD

1907-O MPD

1908 MPD

1908-D MPD

1908-O MPD

Part 5: Mintmark Varieties

Date Reference Comnments AG-G VG F VF XF AU MS
1892-O Micro O Breen 5045

1892-S Micro S

Rumored to exist

1898-O Micro O

Rumored to exist

1909-S L-101

Inverted S


Inverted S

Part 6: Unlisted varieties
can be added or noted in the input box below.

Other varieties:
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